“and when she woke, she found a wild that wanted to be lost again…” - Wilder poetry

The Mountain Den. Hidden in the valley between the mountains. For the adventure-seekers, the mountain-lovers, the day-dreamers and the star-gazers. A place where the wild calls your name. That magic spirit that resides in woods, inspires everyone that comes here, and they are never the same again…..

THE DEN - a cosy place in a wild landscape

The Den has been thoughtfully curated and filled with local treasures made by hand. Our local folk are quite the talented bunch, and their skills and love have been woven into the very fibre of the this place.

The woodfire, outside wildfire pit, and the locally-made hemp blankets will keep you warm in winter (along with a few glasses of red wine).

The front coffee nook and direct access to world-class walking tracks will keep you inspired in the warmer months.


I carted all my belongings to a little place in the mountains (population 300), 15 years ago, on a “gut feeling”. And I never left.

I am a Perfumer, Explorer + Painter and if you see me out-and-about, make sure you say hi.